What are ugg boots

Ugg boots are extremely comfortable boots made from sheepskin and wool. If you are reading this you probably wonder where the name came from. The name is reputed to have developed or evolved from what pilots used to wear during the first world war.These were known as FUG boots or flying ugg and were fleece lined boots. The name ugg was supposedly an abbreviation for ugly for the boots at that time. Something that ugg boots are anything but.

Why do people love ugg boots

Ugg boots are synonymous with fashion,practicality and comfort.
They have developed a long way from what pilots used to wear during world war 1.They are fashionable and extremely comfortable at the same time. that is the reason why so many celebrities like Oprah swear by them.They also come in many different styles for every size, shape and taste.

What are ugg boots made from?
Ugg boots are made from the highest quality wool which makes them so comfortable and is why so many people from every background wear them.

Ugg boots are made from wool and can only be worn in the winter right?

This is a common myth and is wrong. One of the properties of wool is that it allows your feet to breath freely. Keeping your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

How long will my ugg boots last.

Because of their practicality as well as their good looks and ease of maintenance they are always in great demand. If you buy a pair of ugg boots your feet will thank you for it. If you buy a pair as a gift the the person will thank you too. choose your ugg boots carefully because they are well made and will last you a very long time. you will not need to worry about this though. Once you have bought one pair you will soon be wanting another, in a different style. Whatever style you do buy you can be sure of this. They will be comfortable and practical and will never go out of fashion.

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