Although nicotine has quite a reputation and is reported to be one of the most habit-forming substances around, its addiction can be broken. You can break it today. Yes, you really can stop smoking today; that is if you are finally sick and tired of smoking and sincerely want to quit. Yes, it’s darn hard to stop and you most certainly will experience some discomfort, but the rewards are manifold with a longer life span being the first in a long list of present as well as future benefits.

In fact as soon as you do quit smoking, something truly amazing occurs. It’s quite a miracle if you really think about it. That very day, right after you smoke your very last cigarette, usually before the next day, your body quickly goes to work in an attempt to rid itself of all the accumulated toxins and other unnecessary substances that were produced as a result of the nicotine. Your very own body kicks in gear and immediately begins repair operations on the various organs in your body that have been affected or damaged by the resident toxins. That’s its job. It always has been. It just has been paralyzed from doing it by the daily consumption of the poisonous substance nicotine. It was overwhelming. Now it can do its job; if you’ll allow it.

Now if you are serious about this life-changing endeavor read on. You will probably need help because you can expect some rough and rocky roads ahead especially during the first week or so. Your withdrawal symptoms can range from being nervous, jittery and at times down right hard to live with so you are strongly encouraged to ask your doctor for help. Don’t try the superhero I can do it by myself bit. It’s a waste of precious time. There are also too many statistics stacked against you; and you do want to quit don’t you?

It is not advisable to try to stop smoking during a known stressful time like holidays, work deadlines, etc. You may even want to consider planning the exact time and day you will stop smoking. Include your doctor in this decision. Your doctor is a wealth of knowledge and information and can give you many tips, suggestions and resources to get you through this challenge with your sanity still intact. Ask about nicotine gum, patches and local support groups. One helpful resource would probably be The American Cancer Society. They have always had some type of stop smoking program. Their clients have experienced measurable success. This program or a similar one is something for you to seriously consider. You will absolutely need help to get you through so don’t bypass this support stream of assistance. It could literally be your lifeline of support to stay on course and to be successful in being smoke-free and the big plus is that after you have been smoke-free for 10 or more years, your risk will be the same as for someone who has never put a cigarette to his or her lips. How amazing is that?

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