With so many people trying to get online and start a business, maybe you should consider one of the newest internet business ideas -a business in helping these people get online by offering a online business resource web site. What you would do is have a site for people to go to if they were looking to make money online or start a web business. http://www.101eldercare.com/

Your site should be a one-stop shop for all their online business needs. This means that for every step of the way, they can turn to your business or web site for answers. You can offer this business as a membership site and provide tons of tips, articles, eBooks, and tutorials or you can offer a free site and then charge other companies that provide services to your members and you collect a fee or commission.

Either way, with the fact that so many people are searching for information this is a great way to help people to find what they are looking for without having to create hundreds of book marks and/or start pulling their hair out from information overload.

I know that when I find a web site that has a lot of information that I am looking for, but is also extremely easy to navigate and very user friendly – I will return to that site time and time again. I also suggest that you make your site similar to something that you too enjoy in order to inspire you to return and constantly add new content.

Since you can offer services from other companies, you can also request that they provide content for your site in trade for keeping you as an affiliate. This way you will have a constant flow of new updated material and your focus will be on managing your site and getting the content to your members or site viewers.

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