Now that we have entered the Age of Aquarius with its new paradigm of the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics we need a new way to think about ourselves.

All is energy! We are energy. As a matter of fact we are divine units of energy who live, move and have our being within an infinite unit of energy called God.

The mind of this Creator god has created a quantum ocean which is an infinite, intelligent ocean of energy. It is the playing field that we as individual souls ‘blink out’ of the Mind of God to use to create our physical reality.

Why do we as souls have a need to create a physical reality? Because the physical reality part of the quantum ocean is where we get the life experiences we need to grow with.

Grow into what? Each soul that blinks out of the quantum ocean, Mind of God, uses life experiences on the physical plane to grow in consciousness, to become more godlike. That is the only reason for our being here on the planet Earth, to become more Godlike.

So we ‘blink-in and out’ of the quantum ocean over and over and over learning or not learning lessons that lead to higher consciousness.

That is all there is in the Universe. An infinite number of levels of consciousness all striving to rise to higher levels of consciousness.

The levels of consciousness within the Mineral Kingdom are trying to rise to higher levels according to their hierarchical laws.

The levels of consciousness within the vegetable and animal kingdoms are trying to rise to higher levels according to their hierarchal laws.

Each level has a ring-pass-not that stops them from entering into the consciousness of a higher kingdom. Only man has no ring-pass-not that stops him from raising his level of consciousness to a higher plane of existence. As a matter of fact that is man’s one reason for being: to raise his levels of consciousness to that of a God. To become God.

The only thing happening in the Universe is consciousness on an infinite scale of ascending and descending packets of quantum energy.

Even on a larger scale, the world of planets and solar system are engaged in consciousness rising. Planets evolve through consciousness to become suns. Suns to become solar systems. Solar systems to become galaxies. Galaxies to become universes. Universes to become Gods.

It is indeed a Living Universe all made of the same material which ‘blinked-out’ of the Mind of God. That material is living, intelligent quanta energy be it in the pattern of a mineral, plant, animal, man, planet, sun, solar system, galaxy or universe.

This is the Age of the Mind. Start to use yours by thinking in new big ways. You are not solid. You are a dynamic unit of energy in an infinite unit of energy called God.

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