The Age of Aquarius, which will be with us for the next 2000 years, is the Age of the Mind. The last 2000 years, the Age of Pisces was the Age of the Emotions. It is dead, let it rest in peace.

The emotions were the tool that those who wished to control us used for that control. It was the Age of Belief where those in power wanted you to believe what they told you.

Now in the Age of Aquarius and the Age of the Mind, we don’t need to believe anyone else. We can experience truth for ourselves.

Time for you to step out of the confining world of dogmatic religion and build your own world with your own mind.

It should be remembered that every great discovery in science and philosophy has been primarily the work of a single brain.

Your mind and your will have powers and potentialities undreamed of in the small worlds of science, philosophy and religion. Everything that you believed in came from these small worlds that are part of the belief system or abstraction of someone else’s brain. Time to use your own. Time to understand the brain of the Creator God.

Your human mind, in response to your will, can act at a distance far from your brain without your knowledge. Remember your mind is not your brain. Your brain is the physical storehouse where your mind works from. Your mind is connected to the whole universe and every other mind in it, even the Mind of God.

Your mind has the power to act directly in the external environment. It can produce a pre-determined effect even on inanimate objects miles distant from your brain.

“Having insight into all the world, into the world as it really is, he is yet detached from all the world, and without compare in all the world.” Hsin-Hsin-Ming (The Believing Mind).

Your world is your mind. Without a mind to behold it, your world would not exist. Every experience of your life (and all past lives) is a construction of your mind.

You cannot examine a human mind as a physical system. It is impossible to measure it. Just think of all the mad doctors, and scientists cutting open and looking into people’s brains for answers for their behavior. They should be studying the energy field called the mind for answers. Find out what other energy fields the mind is connected to en-rapport and you will have your answer to deviant behavior.

Ever hear of possession and obsession? They are stronger energy fields that have taken over a weaker one. Disconnect the rapport and heal the patient, do not stick electrodes into the brain. Doctors should stop looking at Frankenstein movies and enter the Age of Aquarius.

Your mind is your only reality. Watch who and what you let into it!

The physical universe of energy-matter-space-time is also a construction of the human mind. It is used to experience life on the physical plane. It is temporary and it changes from day-to-day as new concepts are introduced.

The Age of Aquarius with its new paradigm of Spiritual Quantum Physics will add many new concepts into the mind of man. These new concepts will produce a mental change in mankind that will separate him from the present level of humanity. The separation of the wheat from the chaff has started. Make sure you are a wheat kernel.

We are individual conscious souls living in a conscious universe. Our individual experiences in consciousness, when we behold a sound, see a form or understand a concept is immeasurable.

Our feelings are also immeasurable!

The Universe, or the infinite ocean, the Age of Aquarius calls the Quantum Ocean was created from the Mind of the Creator God.

The Quantum Ocean is the living nature we see all around us. It is the playing field of the soul.

Man and his brain are late comers to this world. Flight, radar, sonar, harnessing of atomic energy from the sun and all other miracles of modern science had been set into operation millions of years before man, by an all-embracing directive of the Mind of God, appeared in the scene.

The Mind of God peopled the Earth and the air and the seas of our planet with perfectly balanced and beautiful creatures. The paradigm of Spiritual Quantum Physics calls them divine blueprints in the Quantum Ocean.

The creations of nature are much more perfect than human creations.

The knowledge of nature is innate in each of us. We copy nature. The bird flies without the study of aerodynamics. The bumble bee defies the laws of aerodynamics.

The honey bee builds its six-sided geometrically perfect cells though it never studied mathematics. The trees perform miracles of chemistry.

Primitive man accepted nature as simply and naturally as a bird accepts its knowledge of how to build a nest and a bee to build a honeycomb.

There are many germs of actual truth scattered in primitive fantasy and superstitions.

Primitive man knew that nature is an embodiment of a Great Spirit (Mind of God). This Great Spirit, for its own purposes, created the souls which animated all living things.

The Age of Aquarius with its paradigm of Spiritual Quantum Physics tells is that ALL was created by a living Mind of God.

Maybe it is time to look back and see what the ancients told us about reality and stop looking through microscopes and telescopes to find answers.

Ragnar Storyteller (AKA Ellis Peterson) is a Korean War Vet living with his wife Lory and dog Dixie in the boonies of the Pocono Mountains. He is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has written over 200 articles and booklets on runes, radionics, quantum physics, viking history, orgone generators and alternate healing methods. Ragnar is 70+ but looks 50’s thanks to his studies and meditations You can see more of his works on his websites:

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